'We can make a choice to take a positive approach to our health and wellbeing to minimise risks of chronic disease, feel better and remain independent for longer'

My background in community education and health promotion allow me to provide an educational focus to my classes. I believe in the importance of 'educating and empowering ' people to not only 'do and attend' classes, but to understand the WHY and BENEFITS of what we do.


My programs draw on my life experience and my training in Health Promotion, Yoga, Chair Yoga, Accessible Yoga, Yoga for Healthy Ageing, Ayurveda, Mindfulness, Falls Prevention and Active Ageing.

Bachelor Community Education, major Health Promotion 2004

Graduate Certificate in Business 2010

300 hr Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training

50 hr Chair Yoga Teacher Training

30 hr Accessible Yoga Training*

21 hr Yoga for Grown Ups

22 hr Mindfulness Based Stress reduction

Yoga for Healthy Ageing - Yoga Therapy Institute

Jan - Nov 2021

Learn to teach YOGA to Seniors - Yoga Therapy Institute - May 2022

40 hr Elements of Yoga - Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers - Bliss Body & Soul

Yoga & Neuroscience with Kristine Weber

Subtle Yoga Trainings for Professionals

Chair Yoga, Mindful Movement, Ease into Yoga, Gentle Mat Yoga

Yoga for Everybody

Henley Beach,Semaphore Park,
West Lakes Shore

Phone: 0419123515


Hi, I'm Lesley,

 I teach programs and classes that are designed for people of all abilities and ages including beginners.

We can make a choice to take a positive and proactive approach to our health and wellbeing to feel better on an emotional and physical level, slow down the onset of  chronic disease, and remain independent for longer.


As you would be aware Yoga is a great practice to improve circulation, balance, strength and mobility.


The 'gold dust' of what yoga offers is that through mindfulness and breathing techniques, it can help build skills to cultivate calm, and acceptance of 'what is' and build resilience as we navigate the many changes, obstacles and challenges that take place during our life.


My training enables me to modify the practice to ensure it is safe for people with conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and limited mobility. My classes include chair yoga and gentle mat yoga.


It's never too late to embark on activities to improve wellbeing.

Classes at Bower Community Cottages (Chair Yoga), Henley Beach (Chair Yoga and Mat Yoga) with a new Chair Yoga focusing on building balance and strength at West Lakes in 2023!


Contact me to bring a class to your aged care setting.

Check out the contact page to make enquiries


Lesley Harris