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Need a wellbeing activity for your community group or retirement village, aged care or community setting in Canberra ?

Contact me to bring a yoga class or the 6 week 'ease into yoga program' to your community group - details of ease into yoga below - the program can be modified to suit requirements.

Suitable for beginners, anyone who wants to ease back into movement or refresh their practice


Small group - individual guidance - learn the benefits of movements - dive a little deeper - find what suits you !


In this 6 Week Program Ease into Yoga Program you will learn how to practice a range of yoga postures using the floor, a chair or a wall to find what is suitable for your unique needs.


Each week will include breathing practices and tools to help calm the mind to relieve stress and anxiety.

The program is more than a set of yoga classes. It is educative and explains the benefits of postures, how to use props to suit your individual needs and how to take small steps to integrate activities into daily life.

Program outline:

Week 1 - Foundational Practice to relieve tension and enhance flexibility

Week 2 - Standing Poses to enhance strength and balance

Week 3 - Seated Poses to improve alignment, range of motion and strength

Week 4 -Balance Poses to boost strength and reduce falls risk

Week 5 - Back Strengthening to Support Healthy Posture

Week 6 -Core Strengthening to Enhance Spinal Health

1.5 hours each class

Pricing negotiable depending on group size and rental costs

Express interest by emailing Lesley at






Lesley Harris Chair Yoga
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Standing yoga using chair.jpeg
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