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Chair Yoga is a form of seated mindful movement
Yoga is for everybody with options to stand

I am an accessible yoga ambassador with training to support people mid life and beyond, or anyone who would prefer a practice that avoids getting up and down from the floor.


Chair Yoga a class that incorporated mindful movement and includes both seated and standing practice. It is a great alternative for anyone with limited mobility or beginners who wish to safely ease into movement.


​My classes are held in a range of community settings to include community and aged care. I  offer options to suit participants where they are at, in a non competitive, inclusive and welcoming environment where postures and movements can be adapted to suit your needs by using blocks, straps, chairs or walls.


I encourage people to listen to what their own body and mind is telling them and practice in a way they feel best for them.

Try Chair Yoga and find out why it is becoming a popular activity for older adults, beginners or anyone with limited mobility to support both body and mind.

TERM 3 2023 Bungendore

During Term 3 2023 I will be covering chair yoga classes for Sue Scarlett - Sue will resume teaching these classes in Term 4.

For further information on times and pricing for the Bungendore classes click here

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Chair Yoga/Mindful Movement


A great alternative for people for anyone with limited mobility or who would prefer to avoid getting up and down from the floor. Lesley will guide a gentle breath centered low impact practice to move energy, improve strength, flexibility and test your balance. A guided relaxation will encourage inner stillness. Alternatives to stand also provided.

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Why do we use Yoga Props?

Props are commonly used to tailor your practice to the specific shape and structure of your body. In Chair Yoga blocks can be used to bring the floor to you to support your feet. Straps can be used to wrap around the leg or foot to 'extend your arms' to help you to raise your legs whether straight or bent.
Using props provides comfort and allows you to 'tune in' without niggling strain or discomfort.
In standing poses we can use the chair as a prop by placing a hand lightly on the chair to help support our balance until you build enough strength to stand on one leg!

Avoid injury and keep your practice safe. Using props is not a sign of weakness - there is no one size fits all when it comes to the human body - props empower us to receive the benefits of yoga.

Props can be used in Chair Yoga and Yoga Flow classes
A limited amount of props are available in class or you can purchase your own - ask Lesley for more information.

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