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Class Times


Combo Chair/Standing Yoga

Where: Ngutunka West Lakes Library

Tuesdays 9.45am (1 hour)
Feb 7.2.23 to 28.3.23
8 Weeks/$100



2 Classes

Gentle Yoga Flow

Where: Henley Fulham Uniting Church (Military Rd, Henley Beach)

Thursday 9.45am (1 hour)

Feb 9.2.23 to 30.3.23

8 weeks

Thursday 11am (1 hour)

Feb 9.2.23 to 30.3.23

8 weeks


Fees Both classes

Senior/Concession Card Holders

$96 or

General $112

Combo Chair/Standing Yoga


Combo Chair/Standing

Where: Bower Cottages, Semaphore

(Entry via Bartley Terrace, then Kingfisher Drive)

Fridays 11.30 am (1 hour)

Feb 10.2.23 to 31.3.23


**Take advantage of these subsidised classes at only $8.00  pay as you go per class**


Register via Bower Cottages

 Phone: 8408-1395

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