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Class passes are available, generally in blocks of 4  5  or 8 weeks. (This depends on things like public holidays. length of my teaching term etc). 


If you have a planned absence in any advertised class pass period , or if you are starting mid way through a block of time, please pay for the amount of classes you are able to attend.


Due to overheads such as rent, insurance, administration I cannot provide credits or carry forward classes for unplanned absences.

Amounts can be paid by direct debit to my bank account - in some instances cash will be accepted.



 Before commencing classes

All new participants are required to complete the Participant Readiness form (Word doc symbol). Please copy this form complete and return via email. Option to complete hard copy before your class - please ask !

Please also read and understand that your  participation in class is an acknowledgement that you have also read and agreed to the waiver (W) (PDF Document)

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