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Testimonials provide a flavour of my teaching - I'm proud to of created classes that attract diverse groups of people.

'The practice is gentle and the effects of yoga therapy help with my mental and emotional health. The classes give me a sense of wellbeing and I feel my strength, balance, mobility and ability to relax have improved'


Carol - Chair Yoga Participant

"I love the

Peaceful Presence
Yoga Participant

'I just love doing yoga with you lesley - It is an easy pace and your yoga is not in preparation for the karma sutra'!!


'Heading towards my 70's I've felt I needed something to help me bend and stretch again. Yoga is just the thing for that, though I had my doubts about floor yoga - getting down is ok, but getting up would be another matter. Chair Yoga is just perfect in that it works my posture and suppleness, but allows me to do that with ease and dignity of sitting and standing. Lesley encourages us with warmth gentleness and good humour to do as much as we are able to do and that is just what I need'- Kerrie

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