Yoga Flow Classes at Henley Beach

Gentle Yoga classes that are accessible for people who prefer minimum time getting up and down from the floor. A series of postures to link the breath with movement - great for improving flexibility, strength and nervous system resilience. The practice can be modified in intensity by either slowing things down, or increasing the pace. We can hold poses for longer as we build strength.

 Participants are encouraged to move in a way that allows then to 'tune' in to the breath and bodily sensations. Slow mindful movements improve flexibility and are a tonic for the nervous system. Classes also include strengthening components, breathing exercises and the opportunity to improve your balance !

Yoga Flow for Vitality


Henley Beach

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New Term October 20, 2022


 This vinyasa flow inspired class held at Henley Beach is designed with a minimal amount of getting up and down from the floor.


All yoga postures can be modified to suit individual needs.

'The vibe is welcoming and friendly. Lesley's classes are more than stretching and movement, she offers yogic philosophy, interesting breathing techniques and mindful insights along the way. Nourishing for all levels in a time starved world. It's a break away and time to rejuvenate',

Valentyna Crane - Artist and Yoga Participant